Graphic Design in Retail: Six strategies to delight customers and increase sales using your brand.

A guide to graphic design and branding for retail stores.

As a business owner, you know that graphic design is essential for the success of your retail store. It can help increase sales and create an exciting shopping experience for your customers.

In this article, we will discuss how strategic graphic design can help improve your retail space. We’ll look at where retailers should display their logos, how to use brand colours, and why signage is so important. We’ll also explore using interior graphics and wall art, packaging design, branded POS posters, and graphic design in visual merchandising.

Using graphic design effectively in your retail store can create a memorable experience for your customers that will encourage them to return!

Using graphic design throughout your retail store to generate foot traffic and sales

If you want your retail shop to be successful, graphic design is essential. It can help increase traffic in your shop and create an exciting shopping experience for your visitors. In addition, using graphic design effectively can create a memorable experience that will encourage shoppers to return.

Your retail brand strategy can elevate a shopper’s experience and increase profits.

Let’s explore six ways that graphic design can boost sales and elevate your brand story:


1/ Use your logo strategically throughout your store.

To make a good impression, place your logo where customers will see it as they enter your storefront such as on the door, windows, or even on the floor. You can also use your logo on retail staff uniforms, price tags, receipts, shopping bags, gift wrap or tissue paper. Using your logo in these places will create a branding opportunity to help customers remember your store.

where to strategically place your logo in your retail store

2/ Choose retail brand colours carefully. 

Your brand colours communicate the mood and feel of your brand and can be used throughout your store to create a cohesive look. Areas of your retail store where you can incorporate brand colours include signage, walls, graphic illustrations, packaging and staff uniforms.

It’s essential to keep your brand colours consistent to create a cohesive look that will appeal to consumers and create an exciting retail opportunity. In addition, brand colours can help customers connect with your store and create an emotional response that encourages them to make a purchase.


3/ Elevate your customer’s experience with retail interior graphics.


When you want to add some personality to your store or make a statement, interior graphics and large format artwork are the way to go. You can use them to create stunning visuals on your walls that will lift the visual experience of your customers. They’re a great way to promote your brand and communicate your message.

Interior graphics can include anything from pictures, murals and wall art to floor graphics or window artwork. So if you’re looking for a way to make your store stand out and create an impact in the market, interior graphics and large format artwork is worth considering.

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Surprise your customers with custom wall graphics, window artwork and signage that personifies your brand narrative

4/ Stand out and sell more products with branded packaging design.

If your product is packaged, the branding will be the first detail a consumer notices. You only have a few seconds to make a good impression, and if your product has no visual appeal, buyers will ignore it and move on to the next one without giving yours a second thought.

You can use creative packaging design to make your product stand out from the competition, so they pick it up and want to learn more about your product. If you source products from a large manufacturer, find out if you can package the products with your brand applied, to give you an edge over other sellers and help customers remember your product when they are ready to buy.

 If you are stocking generic or brand name products, a great merchandising tip is colour-blocking your stock. Colour blocking can help you create focal points in your store, which will guide the shopper’s eye around your inventory and draw attention to areas of importance or promotions in your store.

5/ Use brand elements to guide your customers to sales and in-store promotions.

Your POS posters don’t have to be boring! Get creative and have some fun with them. Be sure to keep your branding in mind, though. Use fonts and colours that match your brand identity for a cohesive look.

 When creating point-of-sale posters and messaging, a style guide is a great tool to reference to ensure you keep on track and on brand. POS posters are a great way to advertise your products and specials, so use them!  

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Create visual interest in your store with creative packaging or colour block your products to make more attractive.

6/ Delight your customers with the small details.

Start thinking about ways you can leave a lasting impression on your customers. Make your customers feel special and appreciated, and they’ll be more likely to return in the future.

Show them that you care about the details, and take the time to wrap their delicate purchases in branded tissue paper or design unique packaging using brand colours or bespoke patterns. These small touches will make a big impression and create lasting value for your business.

When it comes to shopping bags, don’t skimp on quality. Shoppers will appreciate a sturdy bag that won’t fall apart after a few uses. Retailers should opt for eco-friendly materials like reusable cotton or jute bags that your customer can use again and again. Aside from being better for the environment, they’re great marketing tools. A well-designed shopping bag advertises your brand every time someone leaves your store or if they’re reusing them, their home!

Is your retail brand ready for success?

If you want your retail store to be successful, it’s essential to focus on your brand from the very first impression to the last.

 A strong retail re-brand has the potential to increase profits, while a poorly designed one could result in lost customers and revenue.

While you may be able to handle some graphic design tasks on your own, it’s often a solid investment to work closely with a professional graphic designer specialising in retail branding to help you create a polished, cohesive look for your store.


If you are interested in successfully rebranding a store and experiencing the positive impacts of rebranding, view our case study here or book a free 20-minute consultation with our retail branding agency which includes:

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