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What we will cover in our 20 minute call:
  • Review of your current brand and positioning.
  • Understanding your current goals and what steps you have taken so far.
  • Identifying issues that may be currently preventing you from growing.
  • Your best strategy to grow your brand and scale.

If we are a good fit and you would like us to assist your business, we will then arrange an advanced discovery session to develop a project brief and offer solutions. During this complimentary service, you will receive insight into your business, including:

  • Consideration of your goals in more detail and identification of any gaps that are keeping you from scaling.
  • A review of your current customer profile and marketing efforts to figure out what’s working and what’s not.
  • Exploration of your ideal customer and whether your brand positioning needs to be refined to attract them.
  • Understanding your competition and why customers should choose you over them.
  • Identifying growth opportunities and providing strategies to move forward.